Our mindset: train hard and have fun

Constantly varied functional mouvement executed at high intensity through broad time and modal domains is at the root of our training here at Deka CrossFit. No matter what level you are at and whether you chose to compete or not.

It is with THIS in mind that Deka Comp was created. We aim to unite our elite competitors with our regular members while still offering the extra needs of a competitive/advanced athlete. Greg Glassman said this: « our needs differ not by kind but by degree ». By doing so, we help raise the level of our members and give a sense of responsibility to our advanced athletes.

After many years of competition, searching for a complete program and a lot of high and lows, I realized that the importance of a program isn’t solely the mouvements or combinations but rather the challenge it offers and the commitment from the athlete to continue despite the difficulty. Basically it needs to be difficult, enjoyable and rewarding.

The program

You will see that our programming revolves around the three CrossFit Games competition series, the Open, Regional and the Games. Most people will have their important competition with the Open and the Regionals. We aim to vary programming as much as possible in order to widen the margins of experience but you will definitely notice trends in training based on those competitions.

This programming also aims to excel in CrossFit competitions, therefore the core of our program is the CrossFit training method. Around this method, we add accessories and some more specific work but they will stay accessory.

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Performance tracking

Wodify's social likes & comments enable YOU to celebrate victories, build and maintain friendships, connect with other members.

Athletes have instant access to their past performance and can visualize progress.

Life happens outside the gym. Wodify's mobile apps keep you and your athletes connected to the gym from your iPhone or Android devices.

Goals, PRs, and percentages are right at your fingertips with our Mobile APP

For athlete

For personal use of the program, it will function much like you were one of our gym's members. Through the link below, you can purchase the monthly membership of 19,99+tx and create an account on Wodify. You can then use the app to sing in and insert scores.

Programming for box

If you are a box owner looking to implement Deka Comp as your gym’s programming, you subscribe to the Deka Comp for box and you will receive a pdf sheet every week with the upcoming week’s programming. In this sheet you will find every section of the full programming including highlighted sections that are meant for the group classes as well as stimulus desired, coaching cues and intended purposes of the sections.

For masters

If you are 45+ Master Athlete, this is for you! Our Masters programming revolves around the Masters CrossFit Games competition series; the Open, the Online Qualifier and the Games. For our Deka Comp Master's athletes, we adjust volume, weight and gymnastics skills and add some accessory work as well as some mobility exercises.

For more information, please email dekacomp@dekacrossfit.com